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MasterSeal NP1

MasterSeal NP1

Polyurethane Joint Sealant High Performance Polyurethane Sealant

Master Builders MasterSeal NP1 is a high-performance, one-component, polyurethane sealant extensively used in the construction industry. Developed by Master Builders Solutions, a renowned name in construction products, this sealant is designed for a wide range of applications. MasterSeal NP1 is recognized for its strength, flexibility, and durability, making it a top choice among contractors for both new construction and repair projects.

MasterSeal NP1 is versatile in its applications, commonly used for sealing joints and gaps in various structures. It is particularly effective in sealing expansion joints, wall and floor joints, and around window and door frames. Its strong adhesion to multiple substrates, including concrete, wood, aluminum, and masonry, makes it suitable for a diverse range of projects. Contractors often prefer MasterSeal NP1 for both indoor and outdoor applications due to its excellent weather resistance and capacity to withstand temperature fluctuations.

One of the key strengths of MasterSeal NP1 is its exceptional durability and resilience. With a high tensile strength and an impressive elongation capacity, it can accommodate joint movement without compromising the seal. This sealant can endure exposure to harsh environmental conditions, ensuring long-term performance. Additionally, its ability to cure in atmospheric moisture makes it a reliable choice in various climatic conditions, adding to its wide usability.

MasterSeal NP1's suitability for fire-rated joints further amplifies its utility in ensuring safety and compliance in construction. This feature, coupled with its strong adhesion and weather-resistant properties, makes it a go-to solution for a broad spectrum of sealing tasks in the construction industry.

For contractors, understanding the practical aspects of using MasterSeal NP1 is crucial. Before application, surfaces should be clean, dry, and free of any contaminants to ensure optimal adhesion. The sealant typically has a fast curing time, which facilitates a quick return to service. It is important to note that MasterSeal NP1 can be painted over, allowing for seamless integration into the aesthetic of the project. However, contractors should always adhere to safety guidelines while using this product, including wearing appropriate protective gear.

MasterSeal NP1 is now a Sika brand!

Master Builders is now part of the Sika family of companies

  • UL listed
  • Meets VOC requirements in all 50 states
  • Suitable for water immersion
  • Suitable for all climates
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