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Adhesives Technology Ultrabond EPX-3CC 22oz Cartridge A22-EPX3CC

Adhesives Technology Ultrabond EPX-3CC 22oz Cartridge A22-EPX3CC

Adhesives Technology Ultrabond 1300 2 Gal B2G-1300

Adhesives Technology Ultrabond 1300 2 Gal B2G-1300

Euclid Dural Fast Set Epoxy Gel 22oz Cartridge


Euclid Dural Fast Set Gel is the ultimate solution when time is of the essence. This high-strength epoxy gel adhesive ensures rapid curing, making it ideal for quick repairs and installations. Whether you're in the field or the workshop, Dural Fast Set Gel provides the swiftness and bonding capabilities required to meet tight deadlines and maintain the quality of your work.

  • Rapid curing for time-sensitive projects
  • High-strength bonding
  • Suitable for various repair and installation tasks
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Euclid Dural Fast Set Epoxy Gel offers more than just a reliable adhesive and binder – it's a game-changer for your projects. This versatile two-component epoxy unleashes its power through a rapid-setting gel formula, ensuring quick and efficient bonding. With its high modulus and structural strength, it excels in a wide range of applications where speed and reliability are crucial. Don't worry about challenging conditions, as Dural Fast Set Epoxy is moisture insensitive, delivering consistent performance even when the odds are against you. Plus, it's designed to handle temperatures as low as 40°F and rising, making it adaptable to various environments.

Utilize epoxy gel properties to create strong bonds between concrete, masonry, steel, or wood, ensuring your structures stand the test of time.
Anchor bolts, dowels, or pins with Euclid's fast-setting epoxy.
Seal cracks and prepare ports for injection with the confidence of a fast set epoxy.
Mix epoxy gel cartridge with sand, and you'll have a repair mortar ready to tackle any damaged surfaces.
Pick-proof fast set adhesive for jails, prisons, and kennels, providing a robust and dependable solution.

Benefits & Features
Experience superior adhesion to a wide range of construction materials, thanks to the cutting-edge epoxy cartridge technology.
User-friendly 1:1 mix ratio for the epoxy adhesive cartridge ensures a hassle-free and precise application every time.
With its moisture insensitive formulation, this gel epoxy delivers consistent and reliable performance, regardless of the conditions.
Achieve rapid strength gain in low temperature conditions with low temperature epoxy.

Product name: Euclid Dural Fast Set Epoxy Gel
Brand: Euclid
Product type: Epoxy adhesive and binder
Size: 22oz
Interior/Exterior use: Suitable for both interior and exterior applications
Application: Bonding, anchoring, sealing, and repair of concrete, masonry, steel, and wood

More Information
Brand Euclid Chemical
Manufacturer Euclid Chemical
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