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Steel-It Epoxy Primer 2 Quart Kit 4210Q

Steel-It Epoxy Primer 2 Quart Kit 4210Q

Dust Muzzle Ultra Heavy Duty 8in DMUHD8

Dust Muzzle Ultra Heavy Duty 8in DMUHD8

Perma-Patch Asphalt Patch 60lb


Perma-Patch is an all-season, all-weather permanent asphalt patching material that provides immediate permanent repair for potholes and utility cuts and accepts immediate traffic. Bonds permanently to asphalt and concrete paving and steel bridge decks. Can be used directly in potholes filled with water with application temperatures that range from -10°F to 120°F.

  • Cures through compaction
  • Drive on immediately
  • Faster cure time under greater volumes of traffic
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Perma-Patch Asphalt Patch is a fast and simple all season, all weather, permanent asphalt patching material. Easy to use, no mixing, no special pothole preparation, Perma-Patch displaces water and accepts immediate traffic. Perma-Patch bonds permanently to asphalt, concrete, steel, wood and other hard surfaces.

Perma-Patch does not require any mixing or area prep. Simply open the bag and pour the material into the hole in 2" lifts. Use a tamp, shovel or car to compact Perma-Patch into the pothole and repeat the process until the patch is complete. Perma-Patch can then accept normal traffic immediately and the repaired area can be put back into service.

Perma-Patch is a permanent paving material which is far superior to standard cold patch in ease of use and durability. Standard cold patch only holds together temporarily. It rapidly disintegrates much like candy popcorn because of lack of cohesion between its aggregate. Standard cold patch sets up by evaporation of its hydrocarbon solvents. Perma-Patch, on the other hand, is a proprietary formula composed of asphalt, special aggregate and pressure-sensitive plastics. It sets up by compaction rather than by evaporation. It is not temporary, but it is permanent paving.

Each bag has a minimum shelf life of two years and can be used in sunny, rainy or snowy conditions to patch blacktop or concrete paving.  If all material is not used, the bag can be re-closed and used at a later date. 

60 Pound Lined Bag

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