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Five Star Structural Concrete ES 29400

Five Star Structural Concrete ES 50 lb bag 29400

Five Star Structural Concrete 50lb Bag 29100

Five Star Structural Concrete is a high early strength, single component, permanent concrete repair material. Five Star Structural Concrete produces a repair which is dimensionally stable, develops an integral bond to existing concrete, and restores structural integrity within hours of placement. 

  • High three-hour strengths
  • High bond strength
  • Excellent freeze/thaw resistance
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Five Star Structural Concrete is the leading solution for demanding construction projects that require high-strength and rapid-setting concrete repair and replacement materials. Engineered by Five Star Products, a leading name in construction chemicals, this innovative product is designed to provide exceptional performance in securing critical equipment with precision and ensuring efficient load transmission. With a balanced set of physical properties and outstanding resistance to chemical attack, elevated temperatures, vibration, and torque, Five Star Structural Concrete delivers unparalleled reliability. 

The concrete's excellent flowability, high bearing area and even load distribution make it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. Its remarkable adhesion to steel and concrete optimizes load transfer and vibration dampening, adding to its versatility. Moreover, Five Star Structural Concrete exhibits excellent chemical resistance, freeze/thaw resistance, and resistance to water and chloride intrusion, making it well-suited for challenging environments. For detailed technical information, refer to the Five Star Structural Concrete data sheet.

Fortify foundations and footings with the robust strength of Five Star Structural Concrete.
Accelerate structural repairs and retrofitting projects with the rapid-setting properties of this high-performance concrete.
Build reliable infrastructure projects, including bridges, highways, and tunnels, with the steadfast support of Five Star Structural Concrete.
Secure marine structures, such as docks and seawalls, against the relentless forces of nature with this dependable concrete solution.
Elevate the performance of precast concrete components, ensuring precision and reliability in every application.
Achieve unparalleled connections in precision components grout applications.
Secure connections and increased durability in various concrete structures.
Benefit from its effectiveness as a grout bonding agent, ensuring precise alignment for compressors, generators, pumps, fans, and electric motors.
With versatility for both interior and exterior applications, Five Star Structural Concrete stands as an exceptional concrete bonding adhesive, catering to diverse construction needs.

Benefits & Features
Achieve faster project completion and reduced downtime with high early and ultimate strengths.
Maintain optimal performance and minimize costly adjustments with low creep.
Expand the range of service applications with outstanding properties at elevated temperatures.
Ensure worker safety and a cleaner job site with low dust generation.
Enhance structural integrity through full baseplate contact and minimal shrinkage.
Easily apply the concrete across various project scenarios with excellent flowability.
Optimize load transfer and vibration dampening with superior adhesion to steel and concrete.
Withstand challenging environments due to excellent chemical resistance.
Operate confidently in cold climates with excellent freeze/thaw resistance.
Safeguard against water and chloride intrusion in wet and aggressive environments.
Extend service life by resisting impact and dampening torque, ideal for heavy stresses.
Benefit from a convenient installation with an extended working time.
Maximize productivity with its pumpable nature for large grout installations.
Ensure long-term structural stability with a durable bond to concrete and steel.

Product name: Five Star Structural Concrete
Brand: Five Star Products
Product type: Repair mortars
Volume: 0.42 Cubic Feet
Interior/Exterior use: Suitable for both interior and exterior applications.
Applications: Foundations, structural repairs, industrial facilities, infrastructure projects, marine structures, precast concrete components, precise grouting of anchors, bars, and dowels.
Additional tools needed: Mixer, appropriate trowel or applicator for smooth and even application, and cleaning materials for surface preparation and cleanup.


More Information
Brand Five Star Products
Manufacturer Five Star Products
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