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Euclid Dural 335 5 Gallon Unit

Euclid Dural 335 5 Gallon Unit

Euclid VersaSpeed LS 100 50lb Bag

Euclid VersaSpeed LS 100 50lb Bag

Euclid Speed Crete 2028 50lb Bag

Euclid Speed-Crete 2028 is a high-performance, rapid-setting concrete repair mortar suitable for horizontal and vertical applications. It efficiently restores damaged concrete surfaces with exceptional strength and durability.

  • Rapid setting for quick project completion.
  • Versatile use for various concrete repair needs.
  • Offers long-lasting protection against wear and tear.
Euclid Speed Crete 2028 is a cement-based, ready to use, repair mortar that sets quickly, and achieves rapid strength gain. SPEED CRETE 2028 is a proprietary formulation of blended cements, selected aggregates and it contains an integral corrosion inhibitor.

Loading docks
Bridge decks
Pavement joint repairs
Parking decks
Industrial floors

Fast-setting, with rapid strength gain. Very low permeability. Contains an integral corrosion inhibitor. Develops a tenacious bond. Excellent resistance to freeze-thaw conditions and deicing chemicals. Repair can be coated with an epoxy or urethane after a 24 hour cure. See datasheet for information.
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Brand Euclid Chemical
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