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Sika Sika Silbridge 300 1 Inch x 100 Foot Roll White 412355

Euclid Euco 700 Joint Filler 2 Gallon Neutral Base

Euclid Euco 700 Joint Filler 2 Gallon Neutral Base

Euclid Euco QWIKJoint 200 Standard Gray 22oz Cartridge


Euclid Qwikjoint 200 is a rapid-setting polyurea control joint filler providing durable and flexible sealing and protection for concrete joints. Large shave time window allows for greater flexibility in scheduling joint filling operations.

  • Fast setting formula reduces downtime
  • Will cure in temperatures as low as -20° F
  • Less moisture-sensitive than standard polyureas
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Euclid Euco Qwikjoint 200 Joint Filler is a fast-setting, semi-rigid polyurea formulation meticulously crafted to address the precise requirements of filling control and construction joints in industrial concrete floors. As an exemplary product within the realm of polyurea joint fillers, Euco Qwikjoint 200 by Euclid, showcases an exceptional combination of distinctive features and unparalleled benefits.

A notable attribute of Euco Qwikjoint 200 is its remarkable set time, offering an exceptionally rapid curing process that optimizes productivity and minimizes downtime. Additionally, this innovative joint filler boasts an extended shave time, allowing for precise trimming either immediately after placement or within a generous timeframe of up to 24 hours.

Concrete construction and control joints: Euco Qwikjoint 200 excels as a reliable joint filler for both concrete construction and control joints. 
Crack repair for old floors: This polyurea joint filler is particularly well-suited for repairing cracks in older concrete floors. 
Industrial and commercial floors: Euclid Euco Qwikjoint 200 finds extensive applications in industrial and commercial floors. From warehouses and manufacturing facilities to retail spaces and office buildings, this joint filler offers reliable protection and support for control joints, enhancing the overall performance and longevity of the floors.
Freezer floors: The specialized formulation of Euco Qwikjoint 200 polyurea joint filler makes it suitable for use in freezer floors, where low temperatures and thermal cycling can pose unique challenges.

Benefits & Features
Fast-setting formula: Reduces downtime and accelerates project timelines.
Large shave time window: Offers greater flexibility in scheduling joint filling operations, accommodating project needs and timelines effectively.
No bubbles or foaming: When used in damp joints, Euco Qwikjoint 200 ensures a bubble-free application, contributing to consistent and reliable results.
Tough performance: Its exceptional durability and resilience minimize the need for frequent floor joint repairs and maintenance, resulting in cost savings and extended floor lifespan.
Suitable for crack filling: Euco Qwikjoint 200 effectively fills cracks in older floors, reducing joint deterioration rates and enhancing long-term structural integrity.
Low-temperature curing: With the ability to cure in temperatures as low as -20 °F (-29 °C), it provides reliable performance in various climate conditions and environments.
Less moisture-sensitive: Euco Qwikjoint 200 exhibits reduced sensitivity to moisture compared to standard polyureas, ensuring reliable performance even in damp conditions.

Product Name: Euclid Euco Qwikjoint 200
Brand: Euclid
Product Type: Polyurea Joint Filler
Volume: 22oz Cartridge, Also available in 10 Gallon Kit
Interior/Exterior Use: Suitable for both interior and exterior applications
Application: Concrete construction and control joints, crack repair for old floors, industrial and commercial floors, freezer floors
Priming: EUCO QWIKjoint 200 does not require a primer before application. 
Mixing: Due to its extremely fast set time, EUCO QWIKjoint 200 requires machine mixing and placing.

More Information
Brand Euclid Chemical
Color Standard Gray
Size 22oz
Manufacturer Euclid Chemical
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