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Euclid Dural Fast Set Epoxy LV 22oz Cartridge TD5324122

Euclid Dural Fast Set Epoxy LV 22oz Cartridge TD5324122

Euclid Dural HS Gel 21.2oz Cartridge 070HS 94

Euclid Dural HS Gel 21.2oz Cartridge 070HS 94

Euclid Diamond-Plate 50lb Bag 063E 50

Euclid Diamond Plate is a three-component, epoxy-based surfacing system designed to protect concrete and other substrates from abrasive wear, impact, and chemical attack.

  • Epoxy-Based: Provides strong adhesion and durability.
  • Abrasive Wear Protection: Shields surfaces from abrasive wear.
  • Chemical Resistance: Offers protection against chemical attack.
Euclid Diamond-Plate is a metallic, dry shake floor hardener with graded, non-oxidizing metallic aggregate in a high strength cementitious binder. Designed to be incorporated into fresh concrete slabs, Diamond-Plate provides a dense, tough surface capable of withstanding the abrasion and impact loading seen by floor slabs of numerous industrial and manufacturing facilities. Diamond-Plate has been specially formulated with a non-rusting aggregate for increased abrasion resistance in areas subject to frequent moisture or water exposure. Diamond-Plate can also be mixed in a mortar consistency and placed along joints to provide edge reinforcement.

Industrial floors
Loading docks
Main, high traffic aisleways
Processing plants
Passenger and freight terminals
Distribution centers
Joint shoulder reinforcement

Provides a high strength wearing surface in areas subject to constant or frequently wet conditions without oxidizing. Metallic aggregate is free of rust, oil, or other contaminants. Virtually non-dusting in service, easy to clean and maintain. Can be applied at coverage rates up to 3.0 lb/ft2 (14.6 kg/m2). Available in 10 standard colors including a natural cement color. See datasheet for more details.
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Brand Euclid Chemical
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