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Emseal Colorseal-On-A-Reel

A building joint sealant, Colorseal-On-A-Reel (COR) is a cost-effective version of Sika Emseal’s industry-standard Seismic Colorseal precompressed primary seal shipped on a reel for rapid installation into small joints. It ensures watertightness in vertical or horizontal structural and abutment joints in virtually any substrate. Colorseal-On-A-Reel is a tensionless solution to small joint sealing and is half the price of similarly sized ‘stick’ Colorseal.

  • Tensionless, pre-cured primary seal
  • Shipped on 10-foot reels
  • Colored silicone or Paintable STPE coating options
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Colorseal-On-A-Reel (COR) by Sika Emseal is a cost-effective version of Emseal’s industry-standard Seismic Colorseal product shipped on a reel for rapid installation into small joints — 1/2 to 1 1/4-inches wide (12 – 30mm). Reel-packaging, in contrast to ‘stick’ packaging: reduces waste, lowers production costs, makes handling easier, and installs rapidly. COR is a fraction of the price of similarly sized ‘stick’ Colorseal. Its installed-cost makes COR a cost effective alternate to ‘caulk and backer rod’.

COR replaces traditional liquid sealant and backer rod in the typical “caulk and backer rod” configuration that relies for performance on the difficult-to-achieve ‘hour-glass’ shape. In doing so, COR eliminates the primary reason for sealant joint failure — tension — at the bondline and within the cured liquid sealant.


Replaces caulk and backer rod in smaller control joints and building component joints in: Tilt-up walls, precast concrete, CMU, curtainwall, masonry, metal panel, natural stone, window perimeters, sidewalks, driveays, pool copings, etc.

See datasheet for more information.
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