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Pecora Dynaflex SC 10oz Cartridge White

Pecora Dynaflex SC 10oz Cartridge White

ChemLink M1 Sealant Black 10.1oz Cartridge F1270

ChemLink M1 Sealant Black 10.1oz Cartridge F1270

ChemLink M1 Sealant Gray 10.1oz Cartridge F1270


Chem Link M1 is a moisture cure, multi-purpose structural adhesive/sealant designed for bonding and sealing a wide range of construction materials. M-1 forms a tough, elastic & waterproof seal to most roofing materials, masonry, wood, glass, aluminum and foam.

  • Bonds to most building surfaces - metal flashing, copings, skylights, HVAC surfaces
  • Solvent free - 100% solids, will not shrink
  • Apply at temperatures as low as 32F
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ChemLink M1 Sealant is a high-quality moisture curing polyether adhesive sealant, specifically designed for versatile applications in various environmental conditions. Whether in damp, dry, or cold climates, M1 Sealant delivers exceptional performance. This solvent-free formulation eliminates the presence of isocyanates, ensuring a safe and reliable sealant solution.

ChemLink M1 Sealant offers exceptional advantages over traditional urethane sealants. Its non-slump characteristic allows for vertical and overhead application, ensuring precise and convenient usage. With a quick 20-minute skin over time, projects can progress efficiently. The sealant's excellent color stability prevents suntanning, maintaining a professional appearance. Furthermore, it can be painted within 24 hours, allowing for seamless integration with the surrounding environment. Experience the exceptional qualities of ChemLink M1 adhesive in both the 10.1oz cartridge for sealing applications and the adhesive cartridge for versatile bonding needs.

Expansion Joints: M1 Sealant is an ideal solution for sealing expansion joints in concrete and other structures. 
Pre-cast Concrete: M1 Sealant is commonly used in pre-cast concrete applications, ensuring strong bonds between concrete elements.
Block and Masonry: M1 Sealant excels in sealing gaps and joints in block and masonry constructions. It forms a reliable barrier against air, moisture, and dust infiltration.
Window and Door Frames: M1 Sealant is trusted for sealing window and door frames, creating a secure and weather-resistant seal. 
Siding: M1 Sealant is widely used for siding applications, providing a durable seal between siding materials and the underlying structure.
Parapets: M1 Sealant proves effective in sealing parapet walls, ensuring a watertight and durable connection between the wall and roof components.
Cove Joints: M1 Sealant is commonly employed for sealing cove joints, providing a smooth and waterproof transition between surfaces. Its non-slump characteristics allow for precise and clean application.
Transportation: M1 Sealant is utilized in transportation applications, such as sealing joints and connections in vehicles, trailers, and boats.
Weather Sealing: M1 Sealant is an excellent choice for weather sealing in various applications.

Benefits & Features
Moisture Curing Technology: ChemLink M1 Sealant utilizes advanced moisture curing technology, ensuring reliable adhesion to various surfaces and substrates.
Shrinkage-Free Performance: With its unique formulation, M1 Sealant does not shrink upon curing, maintaining the integrity of the seal and preventing potential leaks or gaps.
UV-Resistant Formula: The UV-resistant properties of M1 Sealant protect it from discoloration or degradation when exposed to sunlight.
Non-"Out-Gassing" Properties: Unlike many sealants, M1 Sealant does not produce bubbles on damp surfaces.
Impressive Joint Movement Capability: M1 Sealant surpasses industry standards with its exceptional joint movement capability, exceeding 25% in both compression and extension.
Suitable for Challenging Construction Conditions: ChemLink M1 Sealant thrives in challenging construction site conditions, including wet or dry climates.
Effective Application in Low Temperatures: M1 Sealant showcases its versatility by providing effective application even at temperatures as low as 32 degrees Fahrenheit. 
Non-Slump Formula: M1 Sealant's non-slump characteristics allow for easy and precise application, both vertically and overhead, providing convenience and efficiency during installation.
Rapid Skin Over: Within just 20 minutes, M1 Sealant forms a skin, allowing for quicker project progress and reducing downtime.
Paintable within 24 Hours: The paintable nature of M1 Sealant enables seamless integration with the surrounding environment, ensuring aesthetic consistency.

Product name: M1 Sealant
Brand: ChemLink
Product type: Sealant-Adhesive
Size: 10.1oz (cartridge)
Interior/Exterior use: Both interior and exterior
Application: Sealing joints, gaps, and cracks in various applications such as construction, roofing, pre-cast concrete, block and masonry, window and door frames, siding, parapets, cove joints, transportation, and weather sealing.
Additional tools needed: Caulking gun or dispensing tool for cartridge application, cleaning materials for surface preparation.

More Information
Brand ChemLink
Color Gray
Size 10oz
Manufacturer Chemlink
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