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Sika SikaSwell S-2 Oxide Red 600ml Sausage 623600

Adeka Ultraseal P-201 Waterstop


Adeka Ultraseal P-201 is a water-swelling, single component, elastic sealant. P-201 is used as a waterstop in new construction and in repair applications. It can be placed on damp or uneven surfaces and functions in a wide range of temperatures and ground water conditions water. P-201 will expand up to 2 times (100%) by volume in the presence of water.

  • Excellent product to seal joints between precast segments.
  • Use to seal PVC and AZ sheet pile interlocks.
  • Use to fill in rough areas when using Adeka strip products.
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Adeka Ultraseal P-201 is a high-quality, water-swelling, single-component, elastic waterstop sealant manufactured by Adeka Corporation. This particular model, P-201, is widely recognized and trusted in the industry for its exceptional hydrophilic waterstop capabilities in both new construction projects and repair applications. It is specifically formulated to effectively seal off water penetration, even in challenging conditions.

One of the key advantages of Adeka Ultraseal P-201 is its versatility in application. It can be effortlessly applied on damp or uneven surfaces, making it suitable for a variety of construction scenarios. Additionally, this sealant demonstrates remarkable performance across a broad temperature range and varying ground water conditions, ensuring reliable and long-lasting results.

Rough surfaces: Adeka P-201 is suitable for sealing rough or uneven surfaces, providing an effective barrier against water penetration. It can be used on various substrates, such as concrete, masonry, or wood, to create a waterproof seal.
Metal lath: Adeka waterproof sealant for metal can be applied to seal joints and gaps in metal lath systems used in construction projects.
Vertical construction joints: When constructing vertical elements, such as walls or columns, P-201 can be used to seal the construction joints.
Joints of precast concrete products: Adeka Ultraseal P-201 is commonly used to seal joints in precast concrete elements. 
Expansion joints: P-201 is suitable for sealing expansion joints in buildings and structures. It can withstand the movement and accommodate the expansion and contraction of the joint while maintaining a watertight seal.
Repair applications: P-201 is also used for repair applications, including sealing cracks and joints in existing concrete structures. It helps prevent further water damage and enhances the durability of the repaired areas.

Benefits & Features
Water-swelling capability: P-201 has the unique ability to expand up to 2 times (100%) its original volume when exposed to water. 
Versatile application: The sealant can be applied to various surfaces, including rough and uneven surfaces, metal lath, vertical construction joints, and joints of precast concrete products.
Excellent adhesion: Adeka Ultraseal P-201 exhibits excellent adhesion to different substrates, such as concrete, masonry, and wood.
Flexibility and movement accommodation.
Wide temperature range.
Resistance to ground water conditions.
Easy application. The sealant comes in a convenient 320 ml (10.8 oz) cartridge, which can be easily used with an applicator gun. 
Enhanced durability: P-201 provides a durable and long-lasting seal, protecting the structure from water penetration, moisture damage, and deterioration.

See full safety data sheet HERE

Product name: Adeka Ultraseal P-201
Brand: Adeka
Product type: Water-swelling, single-component, elastic sealant
Volume: Expands up to 2 times (100%) by volume in the presence of water
Size: 10.8 oz cartridge
Interior/Exterior use: Can be used both as interior and exterior waterproof sealant.
Application: Construction/Control joints, Expanded metal forms, Piping penetrations, Crack and joint repair, Precast segment sealant, General sealing
Additional tools needed: Applicator gun for cartridge application

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Brand Adeka
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