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Dual functional surface applied corrosion inhibitor and penetrating sealer for reinforced concrete
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Sika FerroGard 908 is designed to be applied to the concrete surface. Sika FerroGard 908 penetrates the concrete and mitigates active corrosion and/or delays the onset of corrosion.

Sika FerroGard 908 is recommended for steel reinforced concrete, pre-stressed, precast, post tensioned concrete or concrete in marine environments.

Common applications include:
Bridges and highways exposed to corrosive environments (deicing salts, weathering)
Building facades and balconies
Parking garages
Piers, piles, and concrete dock structures
Vertical, horizontal and overhead surfaces
As part of Sika’s system approach for buildings and civil engineering

Passes - USBR M-82 Corrosion Mitigation Test Protocol. Significantly reduces active corrosion due to chlorides and or carbonation, even in cracked concrete. Increases the resistivity of the reinforced concrete. Enhances the durability of reinforced concrete. Long term efficiency, deep penetration. Does not require concrete removal. Repels additional water and chloride ions. Contains amino alcohol corrosion inhibitor. Ready to use and easily applied by spray or roller. Adds additional benefits when used prior to protective coatings in concrete restoration systems. Not a vapor barrier; allows vapor diffusion. Proven effective per ASTM G109/Cracked Beams. Increases the resistance of concrete to freeze and thaw cycles and de-icing salts.
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Brand Sika
Size 5 Gallon
Manufacturer Sika
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