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Sika Sikaflex 15LM 20oz White 442129

Sika Sikaflex 15LM 20oz White 442129

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Chemlink MetaLink Sealant Regal Blue 10.1oz F1213

Euclid Tammsgrout Supreme 55lb Bag


Euclid Tammsgrout Supreme is a high-performance, single-component grout engineered to deliver outstanding compressive strength, low permeability, and chemical resistance. It is suitable for critical grouting applications that demand exceptional performance, including industrial floors, structural repairs, and precast concrete installations.

  • Exceptional compressive strength.
  • Low permeability for enhanced durability.
  • Excellent chemical resistance, ideal for demanding environments.
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Euclid Tammsgrout Supreme is specially designed for use where high compressive strength and high fluidity are required. It is formulated as a natural aggregate system with a shrinkage-compensating binder and increased compressive strength. Tammsgrout Supreme provides consistent and exacting performance in critical grouting operations.

Heavy duty grouting of machinery and equipment
Structural columns
Crane rails
Interior or exterior
Pump & machine bases
Bearing plates

High strength for maximum load bearing. Non-shrink with minimum positive expansion for high-tolerance performance. Non-bleeding and non-segregating at a fluid consistency. Does not contain any chlorides or additives which may contribute to corrosion of base structure. Total shrinkage compensation provides a maximum bearing surface for the greatest overall support. Rapid strength gain to minimize turnaround time for equipment re-grouts. See datasheet for full details.

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Brand Euclid Chemical
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