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Adhesives Technology Crackbond 2300 GEL BUG-2300


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Dayton Sure Bond J58 Epoxy Adhesive 2 Gallon 307268


Sure Bond™ J58 is a 100% solids, two component, high modulus, medium viscosity, moisture tolerant structural epoxy adhesive that meets the requirements of ASTM C-881 and AASHTO M-235.

  • High strength structural adhesive meeting ASTM C-881 and AASHTO M-235
  • Ideal for bonding fresh concrete to hardened concrete
  • Secondary use for anchoring dowels, bolts and reinforcing steel
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Dayton Sure Bond J58 Epoxy Adhesive 2 Gallon 307268 is the prime solution for reliable bonding and anchoring applications. This high-strength, two-part epoxy adhesive ensures precise equipment alignment and efficient load transmission. With balanced physical properties and exceptional resistance to various environmental factors, Dayton Sure Bond J58 offers unmatched performance. Its low dust generation fosters a clean and safe work environment, simplifying cleanup procedures and ensuring a hassle-free application process. As a part of Dayton Superior Products, a renowned name in construction solutions, you can trust the quality and reliability of Dayton Sure Bond J58 Epoxy Adhesive.

Dayton Sure Bond J58 provides excellent flowability, high bearing area, and even load distribution, optimizing load transfer and vibration dampening. Its remarkable adhesion to steel and concrete guarantees a durable bond, making it ideal for anchoring bolts and dowels in critical structural components. Benefit from its extended working time for convenient installation and achieve a lasting bond with concrete and steel surfaces. For comprehensive technical information, refer to the Dayton Sure Bond J58 Epoxy Adhesive data sheet by Dayton Superior.

Ensure precise alignment and anchoring of compressors, generators, pumps, fans, and electric motors with Dayton Sure Bond J58 Epoxy Adhesive, a superior two-part epoxy adhesive for structural strength.
Facilitate pour-back grouting for post-tensioning cables.
Experience unmatched precision in securing sole plates and aligning components.
Stabilize crane rails and offer robust load-bearing support with the exceptional performance of this high-strength epoxy adhesive.
Optimize equipment performance by grouting rolling, stamping, grinding, crushing, and drawing mills, forging hammers, and other high-torque, impact, and vibration-prone equipment using Dayton Sure Bond J58 Epoxy Adhesive, the reliable high-temperature grout solution.
Ensure the structural integrity of wind turbine tower bases.
Achieve unmatched reliability with precise grouting of anchors, bars, and dowels.

Benefits & Features 
Achieve rapid turnaround with high early and ultimate strengths.
Maintain precise equipment alignment with low creep.
Retain physical properties at elevated temperatures, expanding the service range.
Ensure worker comfort and safety with low-dusting properties.
Facilitate full baseplate contact and load transfer with minimal shrinkage.
Experience excellent flowability and even load distribution with a high bearing area.
Adjust flowability with a variable fill ratio to meet specific requirements.
Optimize load transfer and vibration dampening with excellent adhesion to steel and concrete.
Withstand challenging environments due to good chemical resistance.
Operate reliably in low-temperature service environments with excellent freeze/thaw resistance.
Protect against water and chloride intrusion in wet and aggressive environments.
Safeguard equipment and extend service life by resisting impact and dampening torque.
Benefit from extended working time for convenient installation.
Maximize productivity on large grout installations with pumpable characteristics.
Achieve a durable bond to concrete and steel, optimizing load transfer.

Product name: Dayton Sure Bond J58 Epoxy Adhesive 2 Gallon 307268
Brand: Dayton Superior
Product type: Two-part epoxy adhesive
Volume: 2 Gallons
Interior/Exterior use: Suitable for both interior and exterior applications.
Applications: Alignment and anchoring of compressors, generators, pumps, fans, electric motors, pour-back grouting for post-tensioning cables, sole plates, crane rail grouting, rolling and stamping mills, forging hammers, wind turbine tower bases, anchors, bars, and dowels.

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Brand Dayton Superior/Unitex
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