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Stratarock Epoxy Primer WB

Stratarock Epoxy Primer WB

Stratarock Thin Pour Epoxy .24 cu ft unit

Stratarock Thin Pour Epoxy .24 cu ft unit

Stratarock Novolac Coating

Stratarock Novolac Coating 1 Gallon Unit Medium Gray

Datasheet (PDF) || SDS (PDF)

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Datasheet (PDF) || SDS (PDF)

Stratarock Novolac Coating is a 100% solids epoxy novolac coating designed for applications in extremely corrosive environments. It may be used as either a topcoat for trowel or slurry floors or as a stand-alone coating. When used as a topcoat, Stratarock Novolac Coating improves chemical and abrasion resistance. As a coating for concrete, it offers protection from a wide variety of chemicals, including concentrated sulfuric acid.

For best results on concrete surfaces, use a penetrating primer. Where water-proofing membrane is required, use appropriate primer.

Uses: Floors, Containment Areas, Trenches, Pits, Pump Pads, Sumps, Stock Chests, Wastewater Vessels, Areas With Heavy Chemical Exposure

1 Gallon Unit. Medium Gray. See datasheet for properties.
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