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Dust Muzzle Ultra 8in DMU8CS

Dust Muzzle Ultra 8in DMU8CS

Dust Muzzle Ultra 5in DMU5CS

Dust Collection Products Dust Muzzle Ultra 5" Clam Pack
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The Dust Muzzle Ultra is based on the design of the original Dust Muzzle and is the most efficient design available for right angle sanders. The side-mounted vacuum pickup uses the centrifugal forces created by the grinding wheel to send the pollutants out the exhaust port. This method requires much less vacuum power than top mounted designs.

The Dust Muzzle Ultra is connected to your industrial 2 HP vacuum by a lightweight step-down hose for ease of motion. If the operator does not have a step-down hose, he will need one to connect the Dust Muzzle to the 1 1/2" hose that comes standard with all American vacuums.
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Brand Dust Collection Products
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