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Dayton Thin Resurfacer 50lb bag 67483

Dayton Thin Resurfacer 50lb bag 67483

Euclid Chemical Speed Crete Red Line

Euclid Speed Crete Red Line 50lb Bag

Dayton Superior HD 50 Concrete Repair 67460


HD 50 is a fast setting, fiber reinforced, latex-modified, heavy duty, one component concrete repair material requiring only water to mix and apply. HD 50 is a cement based compound having similar characteristics to normal portland cement mixes and is compatible with portland cement concrete.

  • Can be opened to use or traffic within 60 minutes.
  • High compressive strength quickly – over 2,000 psi in one hour.
  • Resists salt penetration and damage from freeze/thaw cycles.
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Dayton Superior HD 50 Concrete Repair, the ultimate solution for fast and effective concrete repairs. Dayton Superior high-performance product is specially formulated with advanced features to ensure superior results. With  Dayton Superior Concrete's fast-setting properties and fiber reinforcement, HD 50 provides exceptional strength and durability.

Engineered with latex-modified technology, Dayton Concrete HD 50 offers enhanced flexibility and excellent bond strength. Its shrinkage-compensated formula minimizes cracking and ensures long-lasting repairs. This one-component concrete repair material simplifies the application process, requiring only water to mix and apply.

Concrete Highways: Utilize Dayton HD 50, a high-quality concrete repair grout, for restoring and maintaining the integrity of concrete highways.
Bridge Decks: Ensure the structural soundness of bridge decks with Dayton HD 50, a reliable grout for concrete repair, designed to withstand heavy loads and environmental factors.
Parking Structures: Repair and enhance the durability of parking structures using Dayton HD 50, a top-notch concrete repair material trusted for its exceptional performance.
Airport Runways: Enhance the safety and resilience of airport runways with Dayton HD 50, a specialized grout for concrete repair, providing excellent strength and durability.
Freezer Rooms: Maintain the integrity of freezer rooms with Dayton HD 50, a high-performance concrete repair grout that offers superior resistance to extreme temperatures and thermal cycling.
Industrial and Warehouse Floors: Optimize the functionality and longevity of industrial and warehouse floors with Dayton HD 50, a trusted concrete repair material renowned for its reliability and long-lasting results.
Loading Docks: Strengthen and restore loading docks using Dayton HD 50, a superior grout for concrete repair, specifically formulated to withstand heavy loads and frequent use.

Benefits & Features
Fast setting concrete repair
It can be coated in as little as 4 hours, reducing downtime and speeding up project completion.
High compressive strength: Achieves a high compressive strength of 2000 psi or greater in just one hour, ensuring strong and durable repairs.
Salt penetration and freeze/thaw resistance.
Meets ASTM C-928 specification for Very Rapid Hardening Cementitious Repair Materials.
Compatible with portland cement
Extendable using common aggregate
Ideal for heavy-duty concrete repair
Fiber cement patch material
Long-lasting results: With its hardening cementitious repair properties, Dayton HD 50 ensures durable and long-lasting repairs for various concrete structures.

Product details
Product name: Dayton Superior HD 50 Concrete Repair
Brand: Dayton Superior
Product type: Fiber cement patch material
Volume: 50lb
Interior/Exterior use: Suitable for both interior and exterior applications
Application: Ideal for heavy-duty concrete repair projects including concrete highways, bridge decks, parking structures, airport runways, freezer rooms, industrial and warehouse floors, and loading docks. 
Additional tools needed: Mixing container, water, trowel or application tool, protective gear, aggregate (if desired for extended mix).

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