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Sika SikaLatex 5 Gallon Pail


Sika Sikaflex 1A Colonial White 10.1oz Cartridge 91013

Sika Intraplast N 50lb Bag

Expanding / Fluidifying Grouting Aid for Portland-cement Grouts


Sika Intraplast N is a balanced blend of expanding, fluidifying, and water-reducing agents for Portlandcement grouts. It produces a slow, controlled expansion prior to the grout hardening.

Machinery base plates.
Pre-packed aggregate cavities.
Rock fissures and bolting.

High fluidity - Sika Intraplast N grout is extremely fluid, workable, non-settling, and cohesive. Versatile - use Sika Intraplast N with all types of grout incorporating Type I, II, or III cement, with or without pozzolanic materials or fly ash, and with or without fine aggregate. Controlled, gaseous expansion occurs before initial set and forces the grout into close contact with the surrounding surfaces.

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